Embedded Systems Question and Answer

131. Which one is the floating point coprocessor of 80286?

  1. 8087
  2. 80187
  3. 80287
  4. 80387

132. Which signal is used to select the slave in the serial peripheral interfacing?

  1. slave select
  2. master select
  3. interrupt
  4. clock signal

133. Which term is used to encompass more than a simple context switch?

  1. process
  2. single thread system
  3. thread
  4. multithread

134. Who coined the term RISC?

  1. David Patterson
  2. von Neumann
  3. Michael J Flynn
  4. Harvard

135. Who has invented flash memory?

  1. Dr.FujioMasuoka
  2. John Ellis
  3. Josh Fisher
  4. John Ruttenberg

136. Who invented TriMedia processor?

  1. Intel
  2. IBM
  3. Apple
  4. NXP Semiconductor

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Embedded Systems Question and Answer

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