Embedded Systems MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

121. Which of the following signals are active low in the 8250 UART?

  2. DDIS
  3. INTR4MR

122. Which of the following statements are true for von Neumann architecture?

  1. shared bus between the program memory and data memory
  2. separate bus between the program memory and data memory
  3. external bus for program memory and data memory
  4. external bus for data memory only

123. Which of the following stores all the task information that the system requires?

  1. task access block
  2. register
  3. accumulator
  4. task control block

124. Which of the following supports seven interrupt priority level?

  1. kernel
  2. operating system
  3. VMEbus
  4. data bus

125. Which of the following technique is used by the UNIX operating system?

  1. logical address memory
  2. physical address memory
  3. virtual memory technique
  4. translational address

126. Which of the following uses its own address space?

  1. thread
  2. process
  3. task
  4. kernel

127. Which of the following works by dividing the processors time?

  1. single task operating system
  2. multitask operating system
  3. kernel
  4. applications

128. Which of the processor has an internal coprocessor?

  1. 8087
  2. 80287
  3. 80387
  4. 80486DX

129. Which of the signal can control bus arbitration logic in 8250?

  1. MR
  2. DDIS
  3. INTR
  4. RCLK

130. Which of the signal is set to one, if no data is transmitted?

  1. READY
  2. START
  3. STOP
  4. TXD

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