Embedded Systems MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

101. Which of the following is inherited from the parent task?

  1. task
  2. process
  3. thread
  4. kernel

102. Which of the following is necessary for the parallel input-output port?

  1. inductor
  2. pull-up resistor
  3. push-up resistor
  4. capacitor

103. Which of the following is not a serial protocol?

  1. SPI
  2. I2C
  3. Serial port
  4. RS232

104. Which of the following is replaced with the absolute addressing mode?

  1. relative addressing mode
  2. protective addressing mode
  3. virtual addressing mode
  4. temporary addressing mode

105. Which of the following is serial access memory?

  1. RAM
  2. Flash memory
  3. Shifters
  4. ROM

106. Which of the following is the design in which both the hardware and software are considered during the design?

  1. platform based design
  2. memory based design
  3. software/hardware codesign
  4. peripheral design

107. Which of the following is the most commonly used buffer in the serial porting?

  1. LIFO
  2. FIFO
  3. FILO
  4. LILO

108. Which of the following is used by the M68000 family?

  1. M68000
  2. 80386
  3. 8086
  4. 80286

109. Which of the following memories has more speed in accessing data?

  1. SRAM
  2. DRAM
  3. EPROM

110. Which of the following possesses threads of execution?

  1. process
  2. thread
  3. kernel
  4. operating system

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