Embedded Systems MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

91. Which of the following have an asynchronous data transmission?

  1. SPI
  2. RS232
  3. Parallel port
  4. I2C

92. Which of the following is a coprocessor of Motorola 68000 family?

  1. 68001
  2. 68011
  3. 68881
  4. 68010

93. Which of the following is a meet-in-the-middle approach?

  1. peripheral based design
  2. platform based design
  3. memory based design
  4. processor design

94. Which of the following is a part of RTOS kernel?

  1. memory
  2. input
  3. ISR
  4. register

95. Which of the following is a process of analyzing the set of possible designs?

  1. design space exploration
  2. scheduling
  3. compilation
  4. hardware/software partitioning

96. Which of the following is also known as tri-state?

  1. output port
  2. input port
  3. parallel port
  4. output-input port

97. Which of the following is an 8-bit RISC Harvard architecture?

  1. AVR
  2. Zilog80
  3. 8051
  4. Motorola 6800

98. Which of the following is an ideal interface for LCD controllers?

  1. SPI
  2. parallel port
  3. Serial port
  4. M-Bus

99. Which of the following is an industrial interconnection bus?

  1. bus interface unit
  2. data bus
  3. address bus
  4. VMEbus

100. Which of the following is approximated during hardware/software partitioning, during tasklevel concurrency management?

  1. scheduling
  2. compilation
  3. task-level concurrency management
  4. high-level transformation

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