Digital Communication MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. The probability of error of DPSK is …………. than that of BPSK

  1. Lower
  2. Same
  3. Higher
  4. Not predictable

32. BPSK system modulates at the rate of

  1. 2 bit/ symbol
  2. 4 bit/ symbol
  3. 1 bit/ symbol
  4. None of the above

33. The technique that may be used to reduce the side band power is

  1. BPSK
  2. Gaussian minimum shift keying
  3. MSK
  4. BFSK

34. The process of converting the analog sample into discrete form is called

  1. Multiplexing
  2. Quantization
  3. Modulation
  4. Sampling

35. The sequence of operations in which PCM is done is

  1. Quantizing, encoding, sampling
  2. Quantizing, sampling, encoding
  3. Sampling, quantizing, encoding
  4. None of the above

36. In Delta modulation,

  1. All the coded bits used for sampling are transmitted
  2. The step size is fixed
  3. One bit per sample is transmitted
  4. Both a and c are correct

37. In digital transmission, the modulation technique that requires minimum bandwidth is

  1. PCM
  2. DPCM
  3. Delta modulation
  4. PAM

38. DPCM suffers from

  1. Quantization noise
  2. Both a & b
  3. Slope over load distortion
  4. None of the above

39. The digital modulation scheme in which the step size is not fixed is

  1. Adaptive delta modulation
  2. DPCM
  3. Delta modulation
  4. PCM

40. The maximum synchronizing capability in coding techniques is present in

  1. Polar NRZ
  2. Polar RZ
  3. Manchester format
  4. Polar quaternary NRZ

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