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51. What do Canadians call homogenized milk?

  1. whole milk
  2. homo milk
  3. 2% milk
  4. None of the above

52. What does Its had the biscuit mean?

  1. it doesnt work anymore
  2. its not hungry
  3. its a cookie
  4. None of the above

53. What does NHL stand for?

  1. National Health List
  2. National Hockey League
  3. National Housing Legislation
  4. None of the above

54. What famous event takes place every year in Calgary?

  1. the Stanley Cup
  2. the Stampede
  3. the National Exhibition
  4. None of the above

55. What game is played in a rink?

  1. basketball
  2. hockey
  3. chess
  4. None of the above

56. What is a Chinook?

  1. a native Indian
  2. a warm mountain wind
  3. a sports car
  4. None of the above

57. What is a loonie?

  1. a crazy person
  2. a waterbird
  3. a one-dollar coin
  4. None of the above

58. What is a Nanaimo bar?

  1. a pub in Nanaimo
  2. a steel rod
  3. a sweet dessert
  4. None of the above

59. What is a nickname for Canadians?

  1. Canucks
  2. Eskimos
  3. stubble jumpers
  4. None of the above

60. What is a ski-doo?

  1. a jet ski
  2. a snowboard
  3. a snowmobile
  4. None of the above

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