Canada MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

91. Where is Moose Jaw?

  1. in Alberta
  2. in Saskatchewan
  3. in Manitoba
  4. None of the above

92. Where is Stanley Park?

  1. in Toronto
  2. in Vancouver
  3. in Montreal
  4. None of the above

93. Where is the Big Apple, a restaurant with petting zoo, mini-putt, and a giant-sized apple?

  1. Cobourg
  2. Colborne
  3. Orillia
  4. Peterborough

94. Where is the CN Tower?

  1. in Vancouver
  2. in Calgary
  3. in Toronto
  4. None of the above

95. Where is the magnetic hill?

  1. Moncton, NB
  2. Halifax, NS
  3. Saint John, NB
  4. Saint Johns, NF

96. Where were the 2010 Olympic Winter Games held?

  1. in Calgary
  2. in Quebec City
  3. in Vancouver
  4. None of the above

97. Which author is not Canadian?

  1. Billy Collins
  2. W.O. Mitchell
  3. Margaret Atwood
  4. Michael Ondaatje

98. Which Canadian minority has the least number of people

  1. Blacks
  2. Ukrainians
  3. Japanese
  4. Chinese

99. Which city has the most southerly location?

  1. Seattle
  2. Minneapolis-St. Paul
  3. Portland, Oregon
  4. Toronto

100. Which city hosted the 1988 Winter Olympics?

  1. Quebec City
  2. Toronto
  3. Calgary
  4. None of the above

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