British Constitution MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. The British Prime Minister Belongs to:

  1. House of Commons
  2. House of representatives
  3. House of Lords

32. The Budget of UK is prepared by:

  1. House of Lords
  2. Cabinet
  3. The House of Commons

33. The Cabinet consists of Prime Minister and ................ Ministers:

  1. 21
  2. 23
  3. 18

34. The Cabinet evolved out of:

  1. House of Commons
  2. Privy Council
  3. House of Lords

35. The Cabinet System began to develop during the reign of:

  1. George I
  2. Charles II
  3. William III

36. The Conservative Party was founded in:

  1. 1834
  2. 1840
  3. 1800

37. The crown Act, 1937 relates to:

  1. The Salaries of the Cabinet
  2. Power of the Queen
  3. Power of CABINET

38. The driving and the steering force in the UK System of government is:

  1. The Queen
  2. Prime Minister
  3. The Cabinet

39. The expenditure on British Monarchy is:

  1. 2% of total British Budget
  2. 3% of total British Budget
  3. 1% of total British Budget

40. The first Prime Minister of Britain was:

  1. Mac Millan
  2. Churchil
  3. Walpole

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