British Constitution Question and Answer

21. The oldest Constitution in the world is:

  1. India
  2. USA
  3. Britain

22. Mrs. Thatcher was removed byby:

  1. Sir Alec
  2. Mr. John Major
  3. Mr. Wilson

23. Queen must be a faithful:

  1. Protestant
  2. Buddhist
  3. Catholic

24. Resolutions of either house of Parliament:

  1. Do not have force of law
  2. Have the sanction behind the rule of law
  3. Has force of law

25. Rule of law is the limitation of:

  1. House of lords
  2. Parliament
  3. House of commons

26. Sovereignty of the Parliament means:

  1. Sovereignty of the House of Lords
  2. Sovereignty of the Cabinet
  3. Sovereignty of the House of Commons

27. Statutes are the laws made by the:

  1. Queen
  2. House of Lords
  3. Parliament

28. Tenure of Mrs. Thatcher was:

  1. 1988- 1994
  2. 1979 – 1989
  3. 1963 – 1980

29. The authority of the Parliament is ................ by the will of voter:

  1. Not Affected
  2. Limited by
  3. Affected

30. The British Constitution is based on:

  1. Convention-ridden
  2. Federal Character
  3. Written Character

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British Constitution Question and Answer

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