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Wireless Communication MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. Which of the following is/are the main part(s) of basic cellular system.

  1. A mobile Unit
  2. A cell Site
  3. A mobile Telephone Switching Office
  4. All of the above

2. Fading of the received radio signals in a mobile communication environment occurs because of ..........

  1. Direct propagation
  2. Multipath Propagation
  3. Bi-path Propagation
  4. None of the above

3. State whether True of False. i) The cells or subdivisions of a geographical area are always hexagonal. ii) A land to Mobile call originates through the Telephone exchange.

  1. True, False
  2. False, True
  3. False, False
  4. True, True

4. In .............. Frequency Spectrum is divided into smaller spectra and is allocated to each user

  1. TDMA
  2. CDMA
  3. FGMA
  4. FDMA

5. In ................ multiple access is achieved by allocating different time slots for the different users.

  1. CDMA
  2. TDMA
  3. FDMA
  4. FPGA

6. State whether True of False. i) In GSM only TDMA is used. ii) There is zero inter-channel interference in CDMA.

  1. True, False
  2. False, True
  3. False, False
  4. True, True

7. The basic GSM is based on ...................... traffic channels.

  1. circuit switching
  2. packet switching
  3. connection less
  4. connection oriented

8. ..................... are typically characterized by very small cells, especially in densely populated areas.

  1. 2G system.
  2. 3G system.
  3. 2.5G system.
  4. 3.5G system

9. A antenna which attempts to direct all its energy in a particular direction is called as a .............

  1. Directional Antenna
  2. One to One Antenna
  3. Single Direction Antenna
  4. Propagation Antenna

10. Which mode is used for installing networks in wireless communication device characteristics?

  1. Fixed and wired.
  2. Mobile and wired.
  3. Fixed and wired.
  4. Mobile and wireless.

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication Trivia Questions and Answers PDF

Wireless Communication Question and Answer

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