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11. Which of the following code lines is the correct way create an object from a JSON string stored in a variable called jsonString?

  1. var o = JSON.split(jsonString);
  2. var o = JSON.stringify(jsonString);
  3. var o = JSON.parse(jsonString);
  4. var 0 = JSON.join(jsonString);

12. Which of the following code lines allows an XMLHttpRequest to return binary data?

  1. request.responseType = binary;
  2. request.responseType = image/jpg;
  3. response.type = blob;
  4. request.responseType = blob;

13. How do you control what is sent to the server when submitting a form?

  1. Add a submit button to the form.
  2. Handle the submit event of the form.
  3. Specify the action attribute of the form element.
  4. Ensure that all elements on the form have a name.

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