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Web Designing Technology MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. Which input control is better suited for allowing users to make multiple selections?

  1. radio button
  2. textarea
  3. checkbox
  4. radio or checkbox

2. Which input control is designed to allow users to enter secure information in a way that keeps others from seeing what is typed?

  1. text
  2. textarea
  3. url
  4. password

3. Which input control posts form data to a server?

  1. button
  2. Submit
  3. Reset
  4. radio

4. Which of the following declarations are valid ways to make a text control non-editable?

  1. input type="text" edit="false"
  2. input type="text" editable="false"
  3. input type="text" readonly="yes"
  4. input type="text" readonly

5. Which of the following regular expression characters denote the end of the string?

  1. $
  2. %
  3. ^
  4. &

6. Which of the following sandbox attributes allows the iFrame to load content from the containing HTML document?

  1. allow-script-execution
  2. allow-same-origin
  3. allow-forms
  4. allow-top-navigation

7. Which function should never be used to run JavaScript?

  1. execute
  2. JSDynamic
  3. eval
  4. evaluate

8. Which of the following is a valid JSON string?

  1. {firstName, Rick, lastname, Delorme, hairColor, brown, eyeColor, brown}
  2. {firstName: Rick; lastname: Delorme; hairColor: brown; eyeColor: brown}
  3. {firstName: "Rick"; lastname: "Delorme"; hairColor: brown"; eyeColor: "brown"}
  4. {firstName: "Rick", lastname: "Delorme", hairColor: "brown", eyeColor: "brown"}

9. With the XMLHttpRequest object, which of the following properties provides the response in a human readable format?

  1. Response
  2. responseBody
  3. responseText
  4. responseXML

10. At which stage during an XMLHttpRequest are user credentials sent to the server?

  1. When the connection is opened
  2. When the request is sent
  3. When the ready state is complete
  4. When the server sends a security response requesting the credentials

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