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71. Which of the following is not true

  1. The at command permits you to receive messages only by mail
  2. A persons login name appears in the file at.allow if he is not allowed to use the at command
  3. Both are false
  4. Both are true

72. Which of the following keys is used to move the cursor to the end of the paragraph

  1. }
  2. {
  3. |
  4. $

73. Which of the following keys is used to replace a dingle character with new text

  1. S
  2. s
  3. r
  4. C

74. Which of the following special shell variables is used to process number of the last background job?

  1. $!
  2. $#
  3. $*

75. Which of the following statements are not true

  1. You can yank lines from one file and paste them in to another file
  2. To setup new abbrevations the command is to be issued in command mode
  3. To unabbrivate the macro the command is :u
  4. List of all abbreviations that have been set can be seen through the command :set abbr

76. Which of these is not a command of Unix related with DOS

  1. Dosdir a:proj
  2. Doscopy trial a:/
  3. Doscp/HOME/Proj/Prg a:/
  4. Dosls

77. Which shell offers a command history feature

  1. C shell
  2. Visual shell
  3. Bourne shell
  4. Korn shell

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