Software Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. Top down approach is used for

  1. identification of faults
  2. testing and validation
  3. development
  4. reverse engineering

32. What is the final outcome of the requirements analysis and specifications phase ?

  1. The SRS Document
  2. Coding the project
  3. Drawing the data flow diagram
  4. The User Manual

33. Which of the following is not an attribute of software engineering

  1. Scalability
  2. Dependability
  3. Efficiency
  4. Usability

34. The spiral model of software development

  1. Is more chaotic than the incremental model
  2. Includes project risks evaluation during each iteration
  3. Ends with the delivery of the software product
  4. All of the above

35. The goal of reading SRS document by the software developer is to :

  1. understand the features of the product
  2. ensure that the software is developed as per customer needs
  3. ensure requirements are understandable from a functionality point of view
  4. none of these

36. FAST stands for

  1. Fast Application Specification Technique
  2. Facilitated Application Specification Technique
  3. Functional Application Specification Technique
  4. None of the above

37. Which of the following is not included in the Software Requirements Specification(SRS) Document ?

  1. Non-functional requirement
  2. Goals of implementation
  3. Functional Requirements
  4. User manual

38. In the spiral model risk analysis is performed

  1. in the first and second loop
  2. In every loop
  3. In the first loop
  4. before using spiral model

39. The ISO quality assurance standard that applies to software engineering is

  1. ISO 9001
  2. ISO 9002
  3. ISO 9000
  4. ISO 9003

40. SRS document is called black box specification of a system because

  1. It does not contain the user documentation
  2. SRS document should specify only the external behaviour of the system
  3. It does not contain the contradictory materials
  4. None of these above

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