SEO MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. What is Ego-Bai link building?

  1. building content that boosts the self-esteem of users
  2. inserting popular celebrity keywords into title tags
  3. using content that flatter or interests the webmaster you are looking to get links from
  4. None of the abve

32. What is meta description?

  1. A short description of your web page that lets a search engine know what the page is about
  2. A place to put the keyword for a page
  3. A description of your company that is displayed above the title tag
  4. None of the abve

33. What is referred to as a hook in link building

  1. the element of a content that makes a potential linker interested in your content
  2. the code used to embed a link on someones website
  3. the part of an URL that contains a keyword
  4. None of the abve

34. What is the approximate length of a title tag will be considered by most search engines?

  1. 120 characters
  2. 40 characters
  3. 65 characters
  4. None of the abve

35. What is the best practice for using java keeping search engines in mind?

  1. Spiders cannot read java so it should not be used
  2. Java can use but t is best to accompany it with relevant HTML text
  3. Java content is preferred by Google
  4. None of the abve

36. What is the difference between page authority and domain authority?

  1. one is maintained by Google and the other by Yahoo!
  2. one is maintained by Google and the other by Moz
  3. Both are maintained by Moz, one ranks a page and the other ranks the whole domain
  4. None of the abve

37. What is the format for sitemaps recommended the most by the search engine and SEOS?

  1. txt file
  2. RSS
  3. XML (Extensible Markup Language)
  4. None of the abve

38. What is the highest Google page rank a web page can have?

  1. 10
  2. 1000
  3. 100
  4. None of the abve

39. What is the number used to signify an URL redirect?

  1. 404
  2. 301
  3. 401
  4. None of the abve

40. What order represents the structure of leveraging branding?

  1. Brand Name? Primary Keyword?Secondary Keyword
  2. Primary Keyword?Brand Name? Secondary Keyword
  3. Primary Keyword? Secondary Keyword?Brand Name
  4. None of the abve

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