Operations Research Question and Answer

31. Allocation Models are

  1. Iconic models
  2. Analogue Models
  3. Symbolic Models
  4. None of the above

32. Allocation problems can be solved by

  1. Linear Programming Technique
  2. Non – Linear Programming Technique
  3. Both A and B
  4. None of the above

33. An assumption that implies that finite numbers of choices are available to a decision – maker and the decision variables do not assume negative values is known as

  1. Certainty
  2. Continuity
  3. Finite choices
  4. None of the above

34. An objective function is maximized when it is a..........function

  1. Passive
  2. Profit
  3. Cost
  4. None of the above

35. An optimal solution is the..........stage of a solution obtained by improving the initial solution

  1. Third
  2. First
  3. Second
  4. Final

36. An optimization model

  1. Mathematically provides the best decision
  2. Provides decision within its limited context
  3. Helps in evaluating various alternatives constantly
  4. All of the above

37. An optimum solution is considered the.............among feasible solutions.

  1. Worst
  2. Best
  3. Ineffective
  4. None of the above

38. Any column or raw of a simplex table is called a

  1. Vector
  2. Key column
  3. Key Raw
  4. None of the above

39. Any feasible solution to a transportation problem containing m origins and n destinations is said to be

  1. Independent
  2. Degenerate
  3. Non.degenerate
  4. Both A and B

40. Any feasible solution which optimizes (minimizes or maximizes) the objective function of the LPP is called its

  1. Optimal solution
  2. Non.basic variables
  3. Solution
  4. Basic feasible solution

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Operations Research Question and Answer

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