Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Question and Answer

91. Which search uses the problem specific knowledge beyond the definition of the problem?

  1. Informed search
  2. Depth-first search
  3. Breadth-first search
  4. Uninformed search

92. Which will be the instance of the class data log knowledge bases?

  1. Variables
  2. No function symbols
  3. First-order definite clauses
  4. None of the mentioned

93. Which will solve the conjuncts of the rule so that the total cost is minimized?

  1. Constraint variable
  2. Conjunct ordering
  3. Data complexity
  4. All of the mentioned

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic

Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Trivia Questions and Answers PDF Online

Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Question and Answer

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