Mobile Communication MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

61. Link setup and management between devices including security functions and parameter negotiation is done by

  1. link manager protocol
  2. logical link control and adaptation protocol
  3. service discovery protocol
  4. baseband

62. Many products today cannot interoperate and needs the additional standard specify an inter access point protocol.

  1. IEEE 80211a
  2. IEEE 80211c
  3. IEEE 80211e
  4. IEEE 80211f

63. MEO satellites have a distance of about

  1. 1000-2000 km
  2. 2000-4000 km
  3. 5000-12000 km
  4. 15000-20000 km

64. MS could use all................slots within a TDMA frame to achieve an AIUR.

  1. 5
  2. 4
  3. 2
  4. 8

65. Name the channel that allows for simultaneous transmission in both directions.

  1. Full duplex
  2. Half duplex
  3. Duplex
  4. Simplex

66. Objective of WAP forum is to

  1. provide simplicity
  2. provide diverse internet content
  3. provide private internet acacess
  4. provide wired network access

67. RTS Stands for

  1. Request to send
  2. Request to Reply
  3. Reply to send
  4. reply to single

68. RTS stands for

  1. Request to send
  2. Request to simple
  3. Reply to send
  4. Reply to single

69. Some of the Advantages of WLANs are

  1. flexibility and planning
  2. quality of service
  3. safety and security
  4. proprietary solutions

70. Strictly centralized scheme with one master station & served slave station is.

  1. Controlling
  2. Correlation
  3. Coding
  4. Polling

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