Mobile Communication MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

131. Which mode is used for installing network.

  1. Fixed & wired
  2. Mobile & wired
  3. Fixed & wireless
  4. Mobile & wireless

132. Which of the following is a disadvantage of MEO?

  1. Higher transmit power
  2. Less transmit power
  3. Works without delay
  4. Hig speed in larger distance

133. Which one is used for allocating a separated space to users in wireless networks.

  1. SDMA
  2. FDMA
  3. TDMA
  4. CDMA

134. Which one is very small compared to the data transmission, so the probability of a collision is must lower .

  1. RTS
  2. CTS
  3. ETS
  4. PTS

135. Which one of the following is a trunked radio system.

  1. TETRA
  2. GSM
  3. UMTS
  4. WLAN

136. Which system use exactly these codes to separated different users in code space and to enable access to a shared medium without interference.

  1. CDMA
  2. TDMA
  3. FDMA
  4. EDMA

137. Who adopted the standard DECT for digital cordless telephony.

  1. ETSI
  2. ETSS
  3. ETS1
  4. ETS2

138. Who can provide different levels of security and has been optimized for low bandwidth, high-delay bearer networks.

  1. Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS)
  2. Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP)
  3. Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
  4. Wireless Session Protocol (WSP)

139. Who handles access to and interaction with mobile telephone system.

  1. WML user agent
  2. WTA user agent
  3. WAP gateway
  4. WML gateway

140. Who interacts with both management layers and is responsible for additional higher layer functions.

  1. Session management
  2. Application management
  3. Station management
  4. Mac management

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