Mobile Communication MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

121. What refers to a user who has access to the same or similar telecommunication services at different places.

  1. User mobility
  2. Device portability
  3. User portability
  4. Device mobility

122. What was founded in 1982.

  1. GSM
  2. SSM
  3. CSM
  4. DSM

123. Which comprises all algorithms allocating frequencies to transmission channels according to the FDM.

  1. SDMA
  2. FDMA
  3. TDMA
  4. CDMA

124. Which interface is based on circuit switched PCM-30 systems.

  1. B interface
  2. C interface
  3. A interface
  4. D interface

125. Which is also called reservation Aloha.

  1. CAMA
  2. EAMA
  3. FAMA
  4. DAMA

126. Which is one of the access schemes used in wireless LANs following the std IEEE 802.11.

  1. CSMA/DA
  2. CSMA/EA
  3. CSMA/CA
  4. CSMA/FA

127. Which is the lowest layer in a communication system.

  1. Datalink layer
  2. Physical layer
  3. Network layer
  4. Transport layer

128. Which layer is responsible for routing packets through network.

  1. Physical layer
  2. Datalink layer
  3. Network layer
  4. Transport layer

129. Which layer is situated at top of all transmission oriented layers.

  1. Application layer
  2. Physical layer
  3. Datalink layer
  4. Network layer

130. Which layer is used in the reference model to establish an end-to-end connection.

  1. Application layer
  2. Physical layer
  3. Network layer
  4. Transport layer

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