Mobile Communication MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

111. To reduce interference even further, ..............can be used.

  1. satellites
  2. PRS
  3. GSM
  4. sectorized antennas

112. Using.................a mobile phone can be connected to a PDA or laptop.

  1. wired
  2. wireless piconets
  3. wireless WAN
  4. wireless MAN

113. WAP stands for

  1. Wireless application protocol
  2. Wired application protocol
  3. Wired architecture protocol
  4. Wireless architecture protocol

114. WAP transaction layer with its...............offers a lightweight transaction service at the transaction SAP (TRSAP).

  1. wireless transaction protocol (wtp)
  2. wireless transfer protocol (wtp)
  3. wireless session protocol (wsp)
  4. wireless service protocol (wsp)

115. What comprises all radio specific entities.

  1. NSS
  2. OSS
  3. RSS
  4. BSS

116. What describes bit oriented protocol that defines call control signalling for voice and data calls establishment in Bluetooth devices.

  1. TCS BIN
  2. HCI
  4. L2CAP

117. What is a server problem of wireless networks using CDM.

  1. Hidden and Exposed Terminals
  2. Near and Far Terminals
  3. Open and Close Terminals
  4. First and Last terminals

118. What is the collection of Bluetooth devices which are synchronized to the same hopping sequence.

  1. Master
  2. Standby
  3. Piconet
  4. Parked

119. What offers a framework for integration of different www and mobile telephony applications.

  1. Physical layer with WAE
  2. Data link layer with WAE
  3. Network layer with WAE
  4. Application layer with WAE

120. What presents a simple scheme that solves the hidden terminal problem, does not need a base station is still a random access Aloha scheme- but with dynamic reservation.

  1. MACA
  2. NACA
  3. PACA
  4. QACA

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