Mobile Communication MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

101. The stations and the access points which are within the same radio coverage form

  1. basic service set (bssi)
  2. extended service set (ess)
  3. distribution system services
  4. portal

102. The successor of SMS is

  1. NMS
  2. FMS
  3. PMS
  4. EMS

103. The symbol for radio interface is

  1. Um
  2. Vm
  3. Dm
  4. Pm

104. The symbol for radio interface is

  1. Um
  2. Vm
  3. Dm
  4. Pm

105. The technology aims at so called ad-hoc piconets is called

  1. bluetooth technology
  2. wap technology
  3. ethernet technology
  4. IEEE 80211 technology

106. The two basic settings for WLANs are

  1. infrastructure based
  2. adhoc based
  3. infrared based
  4. infrastructure and adhoc based

107. The two digital systems are..............and..............

  1. DCS 1800& PCS 1900
  2. TDMA & CDMA
  3. UMTS & IMT -2000
  4. GSM & GPRS

108. The two directions, mobile station to base station and vice versa are separated using different frequencies, called

  1. frequency division simplex
  2. frequency division duplex
  3. frequency division full duplex
  4. frequency division full simplex

109. To include calenders in WAE, used.

  1. calendar
  2. vcalender
  3. card
  4. vcard

110. To perform Public key authentication with the client the....................primitive is used in WTLS.

  1. SEC- Create
  2. SEC-Exchange primitive
  3. SEC- update
  4. SEC-delete

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