Mobile Communication MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

91. The node available in IEEE 802.11 system architecture includes

  1. stations and access points
  2. bss
  3. ess
  4. distribution system services

92. The only important number for a user of GSM is the

  1. phone number
  2. location number
  3. identify number
  4. security number

93. The phase in the hopping pattern of piconet is determined by the.................clock.

  1. master
  2. slave
  3. parked
  4. standby

94. The physical layer subdivided into

  1. plcp and pmd
  2. pstn and pmd
  3. plcp and pstn
  4. pstn and mac

95. The satellite move away from current gateway and connect to other is termed as

  1. inter system handover
  2. gateway handover
  3. inter-satellite handover
  4. intra-satellite handover

96. The scheme typical for satellite systems is

  1. Classical Aloha
  2. Reservation Aloha
  3. Slotted Aloha
  4. Aloha

97. The segment of the market for mobile & wireless devices which are growing most rapidly network is

  1. Digital cellular
  2. Data cellular network
  3. Data cell net
  4. Digital code net

98. The service that provides the classic reliable request/response transaction known by many client/server scenarios is

  1. WTP class 1
  2. WTP class 2
  3. WTP class 3
  4. WTP class 4

99. The services which are application specific and may need all layers of ISO /OSI model are

  1. Telephone
  2. Tele
  3. Bearer
  4. Supplementary

100. The specification of air interface is done by......................element of core protocols.

  1. baseband
  2. radio
  3. link manager protocol
  4. service discovery protocol

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