Memory Management MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. In .............. , there is not necessary to load all of the segments of a process and non resident segments that are needed are brought in later automatically.

  1. Fixed partitioning
  2. Simple Paging
  3. Virtual memory segmentation
  4. Simple segmentation

12. In .............. technique, each process is divided into a number of segments and process loaded by loading all of its segments into dynamic partitions that need not be contiguous.

  1. Fixed partitioning
  2. Simple Paging
  3. Virtual memory paging
  4. Simple segmentation

13. In .............. there is no internal fragmentation and is more efficient use of main memory.

  1. Fixed partitioning
  2. Dynamic partitioning
  3. Virtual memory paging
  4. Simple segmentation

14. In almost all modern multi programming systems, principal operation of memory management involves a sophisticated scheme known as ..............

  1. memory partitioning
  2. virtual memory
  3. real memory
  4. memory organization

15. Increasing the RAM of a computer typically improves performance because:

  1. Virtual memory increases
  2. Larger RAMs are faster
  3. Fewer page faults occur
  4. Fewer segmentation faults occur

16. Main memory in a computer system is .............. as a linear or one dimensional, address space, consisting of a sequence of bytes or words.

  1. relocated
  2. protected
  3. shared
  4. organized

17. Memory management technique in which system stores and retrieves data from secondary storage for use in main memory is called

  1. fragmentation
  2. paging
  3. mapping
  4. none of the mentioned

18. Operating System maintains the page table for

  1. each process
  2. each thread
  3. each instruction
  4. each address

19. Page fault occurs when

  1. When a requested page is in memory
  2. When a requested page is not in memory
  3. When a page is currupted
  4. When an exception is thrown

20. Program always deals with

  1. logical address
  2. absolute address
  3. physical address
  4. relative address

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