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iphone iOS MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

1. iOS stands for ?

  1. Internet Operating System
  2. Internetwork Operating System
  3. iPhone Operating System
  4. None of the above

2. Which framework is not used in iOS ?

  1. Foundation Framework
  2. UIKit Framework
  3. AppKit Framework
  4. CoreMotion Framework

3. To create an emulator, you need an AV. What does it stand for?

  1. Active Virtual Device
  2. Android Virtual Display
  3. Android Virtual Device
  4. Application Virtual Display

4. Which of the following is a default UI property?

  1. atomic
  2. assign
  3. non-atomic
  4. None of them

5. Which of the following iOS frameworks is a commonly used third party Library?

  1. AFNetwork.framework
  2. AVFoundation.framework
  3. Audiotoolbox.framework
  4. CFNetwork.framework

6. Application running in foreground but currently not receiving any events. What is the current state of Application??

  1. Suspended state
  2. Background state
  3. Inactive State
  4. Active State

7. Which of the following commands displays the syntax for the clock command?

  1. clock ?
  2. cl?
  3. clock?
  4. cl ?

8. What is face time in Apple?

  1. Taking Videos
  2. Digital Photos
  3. Video Calls
  4. Editing Photos

9. When setting up your serial interfaces, what does the clockrate command do for your connection?

  1. Establishes the advertised bandwidth
  2. Establishes the timing at which you send data
  3. Establishes keepalives
  4. Establishes the time on the router

10. Which of the following statement is wrong ?

  1. IBAction is a macro defined to denote a method that can be referred to in Interface Builder.
  2. IBAction is a type qualifier used by IB to enable connection user experience elements and app code.
  3. IBAction resolves to void
  4. None of them

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on iphone iOS

iphone iOS Trivia Questions and Answers PDF

iphone iOS Question and Answer

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