Database Management System - DBMS MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

171. Identify the criteria for designing database from the point of view of user

  1. Uniformity in naming & definitions of the data items
  2. No redundancy
  3. No inapplicable attributes
  4. All of the above

172. The ........... operator preserves unmatched rows of the relations being joine

  1. Union
  2. Inner join
  3. Outer join
  4. Union join

173. The DML is called:

  1. VDL
  2. Sublanguages
  3. Host languages
  4. DDL

174. The DROP TABLE statement:

  1. works whether or not referential integrity constraints would be violated
  2. Deletes the table structure only
  3. Deletes the table structure along with the table data
  4. is not an SQL statement

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