Data Warehousing MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. An .................. system is market-oriented and is used for data analysis by knowledge workers, including managers, executives, and analysts.

  1. OLAP
  2. OLTP
  3. Both of the above
  4. None of the above

42. The data is stored, retrieved & updated in

  1. OLAP.
  2. OLTP.
  3. SMTP.
  4. FTP.

43. Record cannot be updated in

  1. OLTP
  2. files
  3. RDBMS
  4. data warehouse

44. The star schema is composed of __________ fact table.

  1. one.
  2. two.
  3. three.
  4. four.

45. The full form of OLAP is

  1. Online Analytical Processing
  2. Online Advanced Processing
  3. Online Advanced Preparation
  4. Online Analytical Performance

46. The source of all data warehouse data is the

  1. operational environment.
  2. informal environment.
  3. formal environment.
  4. technology environment.

47. ________________ is the specialized data warehouse database.

  1. Oracle.
  2. DBZ.
  3. Informix.
  4. Redbrick.

48. The biggest drawback of the level indicator in the classic star-schema is that it limits

  1. quantify.
  2. qualify.
  3. flexibility.
  4. ability.

49. The data Warehouse is

  1. read only
  2. write only
  3. read write only
  4. none

50. __________describes the data contained in the data warehouse.

  1. Relational data.
  2. Operational data.
  3. Metadata.
  4. Informational data.

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