Data Structures MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. In comparision with array representation of list the insertion and deletion operation in linked list takes

  1. less time
  2. more time
  3. equal time
  4. none

32. In the linked list implementation the node carries infornation about

  1. data
  2. link
  3. both A & B
  4. none

33. To represent hierarchial relationship between elements,which data structure is suitable

  1. array
  2. structure
  3. tree
  4. queue

34. An extra node at the front of the list,which doesnt repersent an item in the list is called

  1. Header node
  2. List node
  3. List header
  4. Both a and c

35. A Linked list does not allow

  1. Random access
  2. Inseartion
  3. Deletion
  4. Inseartion at end

36. Array passed as an argument to a function is interpreted as

  1. Address of the array
  2. Values of the first elements of the array
  3. Address of the first element of the array
  4. Number of element of the array

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