Data Mining MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. The set of attribute in a database that refers to data in another table is called

  1. primary key.
  2. candidate key.
  3. foreign key.
  4. super key.

42. Translation of problem to learning technique is called as

  1. reengineering.
  2. translational engineering.
  3. representational engineering.
  4. learning algorithm.

43. In KDD and data mining, noise is referred to as

  1. repeated data.
  2. complex data.
  3. meta data.
  4. random errors in database.

44. What is used to load the information from operational database.

  1. Replication technique.
  2. Reengineering technique.
  3. Engineering technique.
  4. Transformation engineering.

45. Hidden knowledge can be found by using

  1. searching algorithm.
  2. pattern recognition algorithm.
  3. searching algorithm.
  4. clues.

46. What is the heart of knowledge discovery in database process.

  1. Selection.
  2. Data ware house.
  3. Data mining.
  4. Creative coding.

47. OLAP is used to explore the ___________ knowledge.

  1. shallow.
  2. deep.
  3. multidimensional.
  4. hidden.

48. The DB vendor who is able to operate massively parallel computers is

  1. TCS.
  2. IBM.
  3. CTS.
  4. Wipro.

49. SQL helps to find

  1. the interesting data
  2. hidden information
  3. intermediate data
  4. data under constraints that are already known

50. In which approach data ware house is build first and all information needed is selected.

  1. top-down.
  2. client/server.
  3. bottom-up.
  4. DSS.

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