Data Mining MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. The complexity of data mining algorithm is represented by

  1. log n.
  2. 2n log n.
  3. n log n.
  4. 2 log n.

32. Which multiprocessing machines share same hard disk and internal memory.

  1. Massively parallel.
  2. Symmetric.
  3. Parallel.
  4. Asymmetric.

33. Which is the relationship between compressibility and learnability.

  1. Maximum description length principle.
  2. Minimum description length principle.
  3. Kolmogorov complexity.
  4. Voronoi principle.

34. A trivial result that is obtained by an extremely simple method is called

  1. naive prediction.
  2. accurate prediction.
  3. correct prediction.
  4. wrong prediction.

35. The algorithm that need to access a table several times during execution is

  1. n-table scan algorithm.
  2. zoom scan algorithm.
  3. hybrid algorithm.
  4. nearest neighbor search.

36. In K-nearest neighbor algorithm K stands for

  1. number of neighbors that are investigated.
  2. number of iterations.
  3. number of total records.
  4. random number.

37. Which one of the following is not a part of empirical cycle in scientific research?

  1. Observation
  2. Theory.
  3. Self learning.
  4. Prediction.

38. OLAP stands for

  1. Online Analytical Processing.
  2. Online Linear Analytical Processing.
  3. Online Animated Process.
  4. Online Analytical Problem.

39. The intermediate unit in perceptron is

  1. photoreceptors.
  2. associators.
  3. responders.
  4. receptors.

40. What is a planning optimization application written for KLM

  1. PILOTS.

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