Big Data Hadoop MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. _______ jobs are optimized for scalability but not latency.

  1. Mapreduce
  2. Drill
  3. Hive
  4. Oozie

12. The information mapping data blocks with their corresponding files is stored in

  1. Namenode
  2. Datanode
  3. Job Tracker
  4. Task Tracker

13. The fully distributed mode of installation(without virtualization) needs a minimum of

  1. 1 physical machine
  2. 2 physical machines
  3. 3 physical machines
  4. 4 physical machines

14. In HDFS the files cannot be

  1. read
  2. deleted
  3. excuted
  4. archived

15. When a jobTracker schedules a task is first looks for

  1. A node with empty slot in the same rack as datanode
  2. Any node on the same rack as the datanode
  3. Any node on the rack adjacent to rack of the datanode
  4. Just any node in the cluster

16. The datanode and namenode are, respectiviley, which of the following?

  1. Worker and Master nodes
  2. Master and Worker nodes
  3. Both worker nodes
  4. both master nodes

17. All the files in a directory in HDFS can be merged together using which of the following?

  1. put merge
  2. remerge
  3. merge all
  4. get merge

18. The HDFS command to create the copy of a file from a local system is which of the following?

  1. copyFromLocal
  2. CopyFromLocal
  3. copyfromlocal
  4. copylocal

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