ASP.Net MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. You need to store state data that is accessible to any user who connects to your Web application. Which object should you use?

  1. Session
  2. Application
  3. Response.Cookies
  4. Response.ViewState

42. Which of the following ASP.NET object encapsulates the state of the client?

  1. Session object
  2. Application object
  3. Response object
  4. Server object

43. We can manage states in application using

  1. Session Objects
  2. Application Objects
  3. Viewstate
  4. All of the above

44. Which of the following denote ways to manage state in an ASP.Net Application?

  1. Session objects
  2. Application objects
  3. ViewState
  4. All the Above

45. In ASP.NET the sessions can be dumped by using

  1. Session.Dump
  2. Session.Abandon
  3. Session.Exit
  4. None of the Above

46. Which property of the session object is used to set the local identifier?

  1. SessionId
  2. LCID
  3. Item
  4. Key

47. Which DLL translate XML to SQL in IIS?

  1. SQLISAPI.dll
  2. SQLXML.dll
  3. LISXML.dll
  4. SQLIIS.dll

48. Default Session data is stored in ASP.Net

  1. StateServer
  2. Session Object
  3. InProcess
  4. all of the above

49. Which of the following object is used along with application object in order to ensure that only one process accesses a variable at a time?

  1. Synchronize
  2. Synchronize()
  3. ThreadLock
  4. Lock()

50. Which one of the following namespaces contains the definition for IdbConnection?

  1. System.Data.Interfaces
  2. System.Data.Common
  3. System.Data
  4. System.Data.Connection

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