Android MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

91. Which among following are Android Tools ?

  1. Android SDK, AVD Manager
  2. Android Emulator, DDMS
  3. Android Debug Bridge, Android Hierarchy viewer
  4. All of these

92. ________ is a menu driven utility which represents various Android APIs

  1. Snake
  2. ApiDemos
  3. LunarLander
  4. Notepad

93. Following is a visual tool in Android for laying out the components

  1. Android debug Bridge
  2. Android Hierarchy Viewer
  3. Android Emulator
  4. DDMS

94. Following game is used that demonstrate the drawing and animations in Android

  1. Snake
  2. ApiDemos
  3. LunarLander
  4. Notepad

95. _______ view helps to display the log messages of our android device and also it helps to analyze the problems.

  1. LogCat
  2. CatLog
  3. Log
  4. None of these

96. Android support which Dialog Boxes

  1. AlertDialog,ProgressDialog
  2. DatePickerDialog
  3. TimePickerDialog:
  4. All of these

97. Collection of one or more activities, services, listeners, and intent receivers is known as

  1. Application
  2. Package
  3. group
  4. None of these

98. _________represents a behavior or a portion of user interface in an Activity

  1. Package
  2. Fragment
  3. Activity Manager
  4. Content Provider

99. Android Applications are of __________________ type

  1. Foreground and Background
  2. Intermittent
  3. Widget
  4. All of these

100. Which is not the correct name for an Android Version

  1. Kitkat
  2. Marshmallow
  3. Nougat
  4. Watermelon

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