Steel Structures MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

81. The beam sections in which the extreme fibre in compression can yield stress, but cannot develop the plastic moment of resistance, due to local buckling are classified as

  1. plastic sections
  2. compact sections
  3. semi-compact sections
  4. slender sections

82. The code does not suggests reduction factor for shear capacity in the case

  1. if the joint is too long
  2. if number of bolts exceed a specified number
  3. if the grip length is large
  4. if packing plate thickness exceeds 6 mm

83. The design strength of tension member is

  1. design strength of gross section due to yielding
  2. rupture strength of section
  3. block shear strength
  4. lowest of the above

84. The effective diameter of a rivet is taken as

  1. nominal diameter of rivet
  2. rivet hole diameter
  3. rivet hole diameter +1.5 mm
  4. rivet hole diameter –1.5 mm

85. The effective slenderness ratio of battened columns shall be taken as.................times the maximum slenderness ratio of the column

  1. 1.05
  2. 1.1
  3. 1.15
  4. 1.2

86. The effective slenderness ratio of laced columns shall be taken as............times the actual maximum slenderness ratio, in order to account for shear deformation effect.

  1. 1.05
  2. 1.1
  3. 1.15
  4. 1.2

87. The following are the statements about tension field method of finding shear buckling resistance of plate girded: which one of them is correct statement?

  1. It may be used if end and intermediate vertical stiffeners are provided.
  2. As the web begins to buckle, it loses the ability to resist diagonal compression.
  3. It gives higher value of shear buckling strength of web compared to simple post-critical method.
  4. All the above.

88. The following types of bolts may be classified as bearing types bolts

  1. black bolt
  2. turned bolt
  3. HSFG bolt
  4. both black and turned bolt

89. The heaviest I-section for the same depth is

  1. ISMB
  2. ISJB
  3. ISWB
  4. ISHB

90. The length of the weld connecting batten plate to the member shall not be less than.............the depth of batten plate.

  1. 3-Jan
  2. 2-Jan
  3. 4-Mar
  4. 1

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