Railway Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

141. Which one of the following is not the correct statement about a sleeper?

  1. Maintains gauge and level satisfactorily.
  2. A cant of 1 in 20 is provided towards inner side.
  3. It is susceptible to fire.
  4. Cracks may develop during maintenance.

142. Which one of the following is not used to fix rails to wooden sleepers?

  1. Fish bolt
  2. Dog spikes
  3. Round spike
  4. Screw spikes

143. Which one of the following is the duty of daily maintainance gang?

  1. Maintain track alignment.
  2. Maintain drainage.
  3. Maintain points and crossing.
  4. Check the fastenings and fixtures.

144. Which one of the following is the interlocking system used in railway signalling?

  1. Electronic system.
  2. Electrical system.
  3. Mechanical system.
  4. Key system

145. Which one of the following is the wrong statement about wooden sleeper?

  1. Gets worn out under beater packing.
  2. Needs special treatment for fire protection.
  3. Damage is more during derailment.
  4. Scrap value is less.

146. Which one of the following statement is wrong? Disadvantage of cast iron sleepers is

  1. difficulties in maintaining accurate gauges
  2. less lateral stability
  3. high cracking chance
  4. maintenance is difficult

147. Width of ballast on straight routes should be equal to

  1. sleeper width
  2. sleeper width + 300 mm
  3. sleeper width + 400 mm
  4. sleeper width + 600 mm

148. Width of ballast section for broad gauge is

  1. 2.0 m
  2. 2.45 m
  3. 3.3 m
  4. 4.25 m

149. Worlds narrowest gauge is

  1. 1000 mm
  2. 924 mm
  3. 762 mm
  4. 610 mm

150. Worlds widest rail gauge is

  1. 1435 mm
  2. 1676 mm
  3. 1825 mm
  4. 1922 mm

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