Railway Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

121. The station consisting of a block hut only and having home and warner signals is classified as

  1. A-class station
  2. B-class station
  3. C-class station
  4. D-class station

122. The station where traffic flow is in 3 or more directions is known as

  1. crossing station
  2. flag station
  3. terminal station
  4. junction

123. The stations which are provided to facilitate overtaking of trains are known as

  1. crossing stations
  2. way-side stations
  3. flag stations
  4. all the above

124. The stations which do not have any signal are known as

  1. A-class stations
  2. B-class stations
  3. crossing stations
  4. terminal stations

125. The system in which position of trains, and signals are displayed and controlled is known as

  1. absolute block system
  2. automatic block system
  3. centralised traffic control system
  4. automatic train control system

126. The tolerance on cross levels under loaded condition is

  1. 6 mm
  2. 8 mm
  3. 10 mm
  4. 12 mm

127. The yard for reception, sorting and reforming of goods trains is known as

  1. goods yard
  2. marshalling yard
  3. locomotive yard
  4. all of the above

128. The yard used for cleaning, repairing, servicing, watering, etc., is known as

  1. goods yard
  2. marshalling yard
  3. locomotive yard
  4. none of the above

129. To hold the adjoining ends of rails in correct position, the rail fastenings to be used are

  1. anchors
  2. fish plates
  3. spikes
  4. bearing plates

130. Tolerance on gauge under loaded condition is

  1. 1 to 1.5 mm
  2. 2 to 2.5 mm
  3. 3 to 3.5 mm
  4. 4 to 4.5 mm

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