Railway Engineering MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

111. The rail section first designed in India was

  1. full headed
  2. double headed
  3. flot footed
  4. I-section

112. The rail section, nowadays, used in India is

  1. bull headed
  2. double headed
  3. flat footed
  4. I-section

113. The shape of vertical curve used by Indian Railways is

  1. circular
  2. parabolic
  3. catenery
  4. lemniscate

114. The signals in the form of circular discs with red bands on while backgrounds are

  1. stop signals
  2. warner signals
  3. shunting signals
  4. starter signals

115. The size of broken stone ballast used for metal sleepers with rounded edges is

  1. 25 mm
  2. 32 mm
  3. 40 mm
  4. 50 mm

116. The sleeper in the form of two bowls placed under each rail and connected by a tie bar is known as

  1. box sleeper
  2. pot sleeper
  3. plate sleeper
  4. none of the above

117. The sleeper that needs the least maintenance is

  1. wooden sleeper
  2. steel sleeper
  3. cast iron sleeper
  4. concrete sleeper

118. The sleeper which has excellent ability to absorb shock is

  1. wooden sleeper
  2. steel sleeper
  3. cast iron sleeper
  4. concrete sleeper

119. The spacing of sleepers is kept

  1. closer near the joints
  2. same throughout
  3. closer at the middle of rails
  4. none of these

120. The specified throw of switch on broad gauge is

  1. 89 mm
  2. 95 mm
  3. 104 mm
  4. 110 mm

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