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Fluid Mechanics Question and Answer

1. Property of a fluid by which its own molecules are attracted is called

  1. adhesion
  2. cohesion
  3. viscosity
  4. compressibility

2. Mercury does not wet glass. This is due to property of liquid known as

  1. adhesion
  2. cohesion
  3. surface tension
  4. viscosity

3. Property of a fluid by which molecules of different kinds of fluids are attracted to each other is called

  1. adhesion
  2. cohesion
  3. viscosity
  4. compressibility

4. Practical fluids

  1. are viscous
  2. possess surface tension
  3. are compressible
  4. possess all the above properties

5. To avoid an interruption in the flow of a syphon, an air vessel is provided

  1. at the inlet
  2. at the outlet
  3. at the summit
  4. ay nay point between inlet and outlet

6. Liquids

  1. cannot be compressed
  2. occupy definite volume
  3. are not viscous
  4. none of the above

7. Fluid is a substance that

  1. cannot be subjected to shear forces
  2. always expands until it fills any container
  3. has the same shear a point regardless of its motion
  4. cannot remain at rest under action of any shear force

8. The property of a fluid which enables it to resist tensile stress is known as

  1. compressibility
  2. surface tension
  3. cohesion
  4. adhesion

9. Viscosity of water in comparison to mercury is

  1. higher
  2. lower
  3. same
  4. higher/lower depending on temperature

10. A fluid is said to be ideal, if it is

  1. incompressible
  2. inviscous
  3. viscous and incompressible
  4. inviscous and incompressible

MCQ Multiple Choice Questions and Answers on Fluid Mechanics

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Fluid Mechanics Question and Answer

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