Building Construction MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

121. a wooden material made artifically from solid wastes like sawdust, flyash and other biodegradable wastes etc.

  1. Artifical Timber
  2. Wall Cladding
  3. Acoustic Material
  4. None of the above

122. a process of connecting cables & wires to the related devices such as fuse switches, lights, fans etc to the main distribution board for continuous power supply.

  1. Electric wiring
  2. Water supply
  3. Both a and b are correct
  4. Both a and b are not correct

123. ..............are the most commonly used equipment for transportation.

  1. Dump trucks
  2. Rollers
  3. Trucks
  4. Bulldozers

124. ...............consist of a vibrating unit mounted on a screed, plate or roller.

  1. Earth rammers
  2. Pounding
  3. Vibrating rollers
  4. Vibratory compactors

125. ................consists of driving either a hollow tube or a steel rod or an iron rod into the ground.

  1. Trail pits
  2. Test piles
  3. Probing
  4. Digging

126. the unit of measurement of intensity of light?

  1. 1 lux – 5luman/m2
  2. 1 lux – 1luman/m2
  3. 1 lux – 10luman/m2
  4. 2 lux – 6luman/m2

127. the part of building constructed above the plinth level.

  1. Superstructure
  2. Substructure
  3. Foundation
  4. Plinth

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