pH scale MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Solid sodium bicarbonate was placed on a strip of pH paper. The colour of the strip

  1. turned blue
  2. did not change
  3. turned green and suddenly yellow
  4. turned light pink

22. Th two colours seen at the extreme end of the ph chart are

  1. red, blue
  2. red, green
  3. green, blue
  4. orange, green

23. The colour of the pH paper strip turned red when it was dipped into a solution. the solution colud be

  1. dilute sodium bicarbonate solution
  2. tap water
  3. dilute sodium hydroxide solution
  4. dilute hydrochloric acid

24. The correct method of finding the pH of a solution is to

  1. heat the solution in a test tube and expose the ph paper to the vapours formed
  2. pour few drops of the solution from the test tube on the ph paper
  3. drop the ph paper in the solution
  4. put a drop of the solution on the ph paper using a dropper

25. The pH is defined as

  1. logarithm of hydrogen ion concentration
  2. negative logarithm of hydrogen ion concentration.
  3. logarithm of hydrogen ion concentration
  4. only hydrogen ion concentration

26. The pH of a NaOH solution is 10. If water is added to it, its pH will

  1. Remains same
  2. Increases
  3. Decreases
  4. Becomes 7

27. the ph range of a universal indicator solution is

  1. 3 to 14
  2. 0 to 14
  3. 11 to 14
  4. 0 to 11

28. Which one of the following is not required to find the pH of a solution?

  1. pH paper
  2. litmus paper
  3. Universal indicator
  4. Standard ph value chart

29. Which one of the following solutions woulditmus you use to test the pH of a given sample?

  1. Blue litmus solution
  2. Red litmus solution
  3. Universal indicator solution
  4. Mixture of red and blue litmus solution

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