Periodic Table And Atomic Structure MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Periodic describes

  1. something that occurs at regular intervals.
  2. something that occurs very rarely.
  3. something that occurs frequently.
  4. something that occurs three or four times a year.

22. Which one of the following tells the physical state of an element at room temperature?

  1. the atomic number
  2. the color of the chemical symbol
  3. the atomic mass
  4. the element name

23. Which of the following statements describes most metals?

  1. They are easily shattered.
  2. They are gases at room temperature.
  3. They are dull.
  4. They are good conductors of electric current.

24. Which of the following is a property of alkali metals?

  1. They are so hard they cannot be cut.
  2. They are very reactive.
  3. They are stored in water.
  4. They have few uses.

25. Which statement is true about isotopes of the same element?

  1. They have the same number of protons.
  2. They have the same number of neutrons.
  3. They have a different atomic number.
  4. They have the same mass.

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