Kinetic Theory of Matter MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. In solid the particles are

  1. closely packed
  2. free to move
  3. irregularly packed
  4. far apart

22. Intermolecular forces can be defined as

  1. force between two solids
  2. force between two substances
  3. force between two atoms or molecules
  4. force between liquid and gas

23. Kinetic energy is

  1. directly proportional to temperature
  2. inversely proportional to temperature
  3. directly proportional to friction
  4. inversely proportional to heat

24. Kinetic is a/an

  1. Latin word
  2. Roman word
  3. Greek word
  4. Arabic word

25. Liquids are

  1. very compressible
  2. very little compressible
  3. incompressible
  4. B and C both

26. Liquids have

  1. Fixed shape and volume
  2. Variable shape and volume
  3. Variable shape but fixed volume
  4. Fixed shape but variable volume

27. Matter consists of tiny particles termed as

  1. matter
  2. atoms
  3. ions
  4. elements

28. Pressure of gas is due to the

  1. random motion of gas molecules
  2. collision of gas molecules with each other
  3. collision of gas molecules with the wall of container
  4. vibration of solid particles in the wall of container

29. Solids are

  1. very compressible
  2. very little compressible
  3. incompressible
  4. B and C both

30. Solids have

  1. low density and mass
  2. high density and mass
  3. high density but low mass
  4. low density but high mass

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