Ionic Bonding and Ionic Compounds MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

41. The correct name of the compound Na3N is

  1. sodium nitride
  2. sodium azide
  3. sodium trinitride
  4. sodium(III) nitride

42. The formula for a salt is XBr. The X-ion in this salt has 46 electrons. The metal X is

  1. Ag
  2. Pd
  3. Cd
  4. Cu

43. The formula for aluminum hydroxide is

  1. AlOH
  2. Al3OH
  3. Al2(OH)3
  4. Al(OH)3

44. The formula of ammonium carbonate is

  1. (NH4)2CO3
  2. NH4CO2
  3. (NH3)2CO4
  4. (NH3)2CO3

45. The ions Ca2+ and PO23- form a salt with the formula

  1. CaPO4
  2. Ca2
  3. Ca3(PO4)2
  4. Ca(PO4)2

46. The name of the ionic compound (NH4)3PO4 is

  1. ammonium phosphate
  2. tetrammonium phosphate
  3. nitrogen hydrogen phosphate
  4. ammonia phosphide

47. What is the correct formula for ammonium sulfide?

  1. NH4SO3
  2. (NH4)2SO4
  3. (NH4)2S
  4. NH3S

48. What is the formula of the compound formed between strontium ions and nitrogen ions?

  1. SrN
  2. Sr3N2
  3. Sr2N3
  4. SrN2

49. When a metal and a nonmetal react, the......................tends to lose electrons and the......................tends to gain electrons.

  1. metal, metal
  2. nonmetal, nonmetal
  3. metal, nonmetal
  4. nonmetal, metal

50. When calcium reacts with sulfur the compound formed is

  1. Ca2S2
  2. Ca3S2
  3. CaS
  4. CaS2

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