Hydrogen MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. P4O10 on hydrolysis produces

  1. H3PO2
  2. H3PO3
  3. H3PO4
  4. PH3

12. Radioactive elements emit alpha, Beta and Gamma rays and are characterised by their halflives. The radioactive isotope of hydrogen is

  1. Protium
  2. Deuterium
  3. Tritium
  4. Hydronium

13. Select the incorrect statement for H2O2 structure

  1. It is non planar
  2. O–O bond length is more in gaseous state than in solid phase
  3. Both OH bond are in different plane
  4. O–O–H bond angle in gas phase is more than in solid phase

14. Syn-gas is a mixture of

  1. CO+N2
  2. O3
  3. CO + H2
  4. CO + H2CO3

15. The electronic conguration of D (Isotope of Hydrogen)

  1. 1s2
  2. 1s22s11
  3. 1s1
  4. 1s22s22p1

16. The number of H2O molecules which are involve in Hydrozen bonding in CuSO4.5H2O molecule itself is

  1. H3PO2
  2. H3PO3
  3. H3PO4
  4. PH3

17. The oxide that gives H2O2 on treatment with dilute H2SO2 is

  1. PbO2
  2. BaO2 .8H2O + O2
  3. MnO2
  4. TiO2

18. True or false: hydrogen is an energy source.

  1. True Statement
  2. False Statement

19. True/False: hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are electric vehicles

  1. False Statement
  2. True Statement

20. What can you produce hydrogen from?

  1. Water
  2. Plants
  3. Natural gasl
  4. All of the above and more

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