US Basic Civics Test MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

31. We elect a U.S. Representative for how many years

  1. Six (6)
  2. Two (2)
  3. Four (4)
  4. Eight (8)

32. Name one branch or part of the government

  1. State government
  2. Legislative
  3. Parliament
  4. United Nations

33. We elect a U.S. Senator for how many years?

  1. Ten
  2. Four
  3. Two
  4. Six

34. What major event happened on September 11, 2001, in the United States

  1. The accident at Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant occurred
  2. Hurricane Andrew struck the United States
  3. Terrorists attacked the United States
  4. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor

35. What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution?

  1. The Articles of Confederation
  2. The inalienable rights
  3. The Declaration of Independence
  4. The Bill of Rights

36. What is the supreme law of the land

  1. The Articles of Confederation
  2. The Constitution
  3. The Emancipation Proclamation
  4. The Declaration of Independence

37. Who signs bills to become laws

  1. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
  2. The Vice President
  3. The Secretary of State
  4. The President

38. What happened at the Constitutional Convention

  1. The Declaration of Independence was written
  2. The Emancipation Proclamation was written
  3. The Constitution was written
  4. The Virginia Declaration of Rights was written

39. What are the two parts of the U.S. Congress

  1. The House of Representatives and the courts
  2. The House of Lords and the House of Commons
  3. The Senate and House of Representatives
  4. The Senate and the courts

40. Who is the Commander in Chief of the military?

  1. The President
  2. The Vice-President
  3. The Secretary of Defense
  4. The Attorney General

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