Six Sigma Green Belt Question and Answer

11. Statistical process control (SPC) is best defined as the use of

  1. Pareto charts to understand and control a process
  2. inputs to control critical and complex processes
  3. statistical methods to identify and remove manufacturing errors
  4. statistical methods to understand and control a process

12. The critical path for a project is best described as the

  1. sequence of steps with the highest costs
  2. tasks in the project that have the highest risk of failure
  3. sum of the tasks with the shortest time requirements
  4. longest path from the start to the completion of the project

13. The DMAIC model is defined as:

  1. Deliver, measure, analyze, install and control
  2. Define, measure, analyze, improve and control
  3. Define, measure, analyze, initiate and control

14. The statistics that summarize a population are referred to as

  1. categorical statistics
  2. descriptive statistics
  3. probabilistic statistics
  4. control statistics

15. The team prepares Data Management Plan during which of the following phase:

  1. Define phase
  2. Measure phase
  3. Improve phase

16. To calculate 99.97% statistical control limits, the practical use of sigma level should be:

  1. +/- 3 sigma
  2. +/- 2 sigma
  3. +/- 1 sigma

17. What are the ways of capturing VOC

  1. Surveys
  2. Focus Groups
  3. Brainstorming
  4. A&B

18. What is the correct order of the six-sigma phases?

  1. Define, Analyze, Improve, Control, Measure
  2. Define, Analyze, Measure Improve, Control
  3. Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
  4. Define, Measure, Analyze, Control, Improve

19. What type of data is illustrated by discrete distributions?

  1. Variable data
  2. Ordinal data
  3. Continuous data

20. When the sampling method used creates a difference between the result obtained from the sample and the actual population value, the difference is known as

  1. correlation
  2. precision
  3. accuracy
  4. bias

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Six Sigma Green Belt Question and Answer

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