CCNA MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

11. Identify the OSI layer which is responsible for end-to-end connections?

  1. Network
  2. Transport
  3. Session
  4. Data link

12. Identify the purpose of the Ping command?

  1. Share routing information with a neighbor router
  2. Transmit user data when buffers are full
  3. Test connectivity at layer 3
  4. Test entire protocol stack

13. Inverse ARP serves what purpose?

  1. Method for a local router to introduce itself to the remote end of the connection
  2. Broadcast a routing table update
  3. Identify MAC addresses if the IP address is known
  4. Sent every 10 seconds used to verify the Frame Switch is still active

14. Sequence and acknowledgement numbers are used for?

  1. Layer transitioning
  2. Flow control
  3. Port number addressing
  4. Reliability

15. The Cisco IOS is stored where?

  1. ROM
  2. CD
  3. Flash
  4. NVRAM

16. The purpose of the TCP 3 step handshake?

  1. Setup a un-reliable connection
  2. Initialize routing tables
  3. Synchronize sequence numbers between hosts
  4. Connection tear down process

17. The purpose of the Trace command is?

  1. Explorer packet transmitting routing information
  2. Test connectivity
  3. Determine the path a packet is taking through the network
  4. Transmits user data when buffers are full

18. The type of routing protocol that maintains a topological database of the network is?

  1. Topological state
  2. Shortest Path First
  3. Link state
  4. Distance vector

19. What is the purpose of ARP?

  1. IP to host name resolution
  2. Host name to IP address resolution
  3. Mac to IP address resolution
  4. IP to Mac address resolution

20. What is the purpose of the wildcard mask?

  1. Match a certain portion of the IP address while ignoring the rest of the address
  2. Determine the class of the IP address
  3. Determine the network portion of an IP address
  4. Hide the host portion of an IP address

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