Reproduction in Flowering Plants MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

21. Heterozygosity is produced following

  1. xenogamy
  2. geitonogamy
  3. autogamy
  4. cleistogamy

22. In a type of apomixis called adventive embryony embryos develop directly from

  1. nucellus or integument
  2. zygote
  3. synergids or antipodals of embryo sac
  4. Accessory embryo sacs in the ovule

23. In Casuarina fertilization occurs through

  1. chalazogamy
  2. mesogamy
  3. porogamy
  4. apogamy

24. In plant part having two generations is

  1. embryo
  2. unfertilized ovule
  3. germinated pollen grain
  4. seed

25. Intraspecific incompatibility is overcome by

  1. self pollination
  2. welting of anthers
  3. wetting of stigmas
  4. mixed oollination

26. Largest cell of ovule is

  1. megaspore mother cell
  2. antipodal cell
  3. central cell
  4. size of cells variable

27. Mesogamy is

  1. fusion of similar male and female gametes
  2. fusion of morphologically different but physiologically similar gametes
  3. entry of pollen tube through integument
  4. none of the above

28. Part which is grafted or the stump of another is

  1. graft
  2. bulbil
  3. scion
  4. stock

29. Passage of pollen tube through micropyle while reaching the embryo sac is

  1. mesogamy
  2. porogamy
  3. dicliny
  4. dichogamy

30. Pollen grains are able to tolerate extremes of temperature and desiccation as its exine is made of

  1. Sporopollenin
  2. Suberin
  3. Cutin
  4. Callose

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