Money and Banking in India Class 12 MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

51. Self Help Group involves

  1. Group of 5 to 20 people
  2. Regular saving habits
  3. Inter-lending within the group members
  4. All of above

52. TDS means

  1. Time Deposit Scheme
  2. Total Deposit Scheme
  3. Tax Deducted at Source
  4. None of above

53. The safest place for keeping money

  1. A pit dug in the ground
  2. An iron box
  3. Bank
  4. Money lender

54. Timely repayment of loans results

  1. Good reputation
  2. No tension
  3. Easily availability of loan in future
  4. All of above

55. To whom Overdraft facility of Rs.5,000/- in PMJDY Account is available?

  1. After 6 months of satisfactory conduct of account
  2. One account per household
  3. Customers in age group of 18-60 years
  4. All of above

56. Under APY, fixed pension can be chosen from:

  1. Rs.1,000/-, Rs.2,000/-, Rs.3,000/-, Rs.4,000/-, Rs.5,000/-
  2. Rs.2,000/-, Rs.3,000/-, Rs.4,000/-, Rs.5,000/-, Rs.6,000/-
  3. Rs.500/-, Rs.1,000/-, Rs.2,000/-, Rs.3,000/-, Rs.4,000/-
  4. None of above

57. Under PMSBY, accidental death claim is available for:

  1. Rs.1 lac
  2. Rs.2 lac
  3. Rs.3 lac
  4. None of above

58. Under PMSBY, partial disability claim is available for:

  1. Rs.50,000/-
  2. Rs.1 lac
  3. Rs.2 lac
  4. None of above

59. Upon detection of a counterfeit note at the counter, Bank

  1. Returns the note to the customer
  2. Exchange with a genuine Note
  3. Deposit in Account
  4. Impound the Note and issue receipt

60. What are the benefits attached to PMJDY?

  1. Accident insurance cover of Rs.1.00 lac
  2. Life insurance cover of Rs.30,000/-
  3. Overdraft facility up to Rs.5,000/-
  4. All of above

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Money and Banking in India Class 12 Question and Answer

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