Research Methodology MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz

141. Motivation Research is a type of ....................... research

  1. Quantitative
  2. Qualitative
  3. Pure
  4. applied

142. Schedule is used as a .....................

  1. Questionnaire
  2. Tool
  3. Method
  4. technique

143. Objectives in problem formulation means

  1. Questions to be answered
  2. methods
  3. Techniques
  4. methodology

144. An example of probability sampling is

  1. Quota Sampling
  2. Snow-ball sampling
  3. Purposive sampling
  4. Lottery method

145. In which sample population is divided into different strata and sample is taken from different strata?

  1. Quota Sampling
  2. Snow ball sampling
  3. Stratified sampling
  4. Purposive Sampling

146. A technique of Building up a list or a sample of a special population by using an initial set of members as informants is called

  1. Quota sampling
  2. Convenience Sampling
  3. Snow ball Sampling
  4. Purposive sampling

147. The Romance of Research is authored by

  1. Redmen and Mory
  2. P.V.Young
  3. Robert C meir
  4. Harold Dazier

148. When a hypothesis is stated negatively it is called

  1. Relational Hypothesis
  2. Situational Hypothesis
  3. Null Hypothesis
  4. Casual Hypothesis

149. The final stage is a survey is ......................

  1. Reporting
  2. Field work
  3. Assignment
  4. Calculation

150. A Blue print of Research work is called

  1. Research Problem
  2. Research design
  3. Research tools
  4. Research methods

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